The Guardian Angel 3

The Guardian Angel 3 is the further development of Piexon’s advanced self-defense devices, with the highly effective pepper irritant.

The proven ergonomic shape with the miniature handle of the predecessor has been retained. Small, light and easy to store in the hand or trouser pocket. Naturally just as easy to use for both right and left-handed users.

Major features:
• Much more effective than usual sprays, with a range of up to 4 meters!
• Revolutionary non-aerosol propulsion
• Jet delivery stops cross-contamination, with a velocity of 50 m/s (180 km/h)!
• Delivers two powerful shots of Oleoresin Capsicum (400,000 SHU!)



I am the poor soul that was in the video that you just watched. Initially I thought this would hurt, but not completely incapacitate me……..My god I was wrong! I am personally keeping one of these next to my bed for any unwanted intruders and I honestly believe that even if they walk around with a parang, they will hit the deck so that I have plenty of time to call the police.  Without water and assistance I think 45 minutes is roughly the time you will have to escape.
— Rob P
Guardian Angel Three is perfect for women’s self defence.
— Zul Ariffin
I am working in law enforcement and have seen other pepper sprays in action and none are as effective as this. I was pretty shocked how such a small device can pack such a punch; this is a great way to subdue an attacker.
— Stephen V
This is my go to option when I feel scared at night, I have not used it yet, but I really do feel safer having this close by.
— Joanne P